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Revealing the Haitian Freedom Fighters on South Africa’s Freedom Wall

BVstylez traveled to South Africa to welcome 18 revered Haitian freedom fighters home to the motherland. We are proud Haitians, but our story began in Africa. This Legacy Project was spearheaded by Haiti’s own Miss Heritage Global, Abigail Pierre-Louis. We traveled abroad for this monumental moment with our sister company Belle Vue Tours.

One of Nelson Mandela’s Gifts to the World

In 1999, former President Nelson Mandela shared his vision for Freedom Park with the South African Parliament.

“…the day should not be far off when we shall have a people’s shrine, a Freedom Park, where we shall honor with all the dignity they deserve, those who endured pain so we can experience the joy of freedom.”

This was Mandela’s gift to the formerly enslaved of the world, and a heritage site celebrating global humanity and freedom. His legacy lives on and continues to lift up citizens of the world.

Our Revered Haitian Freedom Fighters

The Société Haïtienne d’Histoire de Géographie et de Géologie (SHHGG), researched and submitted the bio of 18 history-making heroes. The names were approved for memorization by Freedom Park’s Names Verification Committee (NVC).

There are many Haitians who will never be forgotten, but these are the names presented by Gaetan Mentor and Abigail Pierre-Louis at Freedom Park:

  • Jean-Jacques Dessalines
  • Boukman 
  • Henry Christophe
  • Catherine flon
  • Cécile Fatima
  • François Makandal
  • François Cappoix
  • Toussaint Louverture
  • Jean Brière
  • René Piquion
  • Jacques Roumain
  • Henriette Saint-Marc
  • Roussan Camille
  • Anténor Firmin
  • Alexandre Pétion
  • Victoria Montou
  • Marie-Jeanne Lamartinière
  • Sanite Bélair

Many of These Heroes Are Featured on BVstylez’s Signature Collection

We were excited to see that SO MANY of the Haitian freedom fighters featured on our collection are part of this global legacy project.

When we launched BVstylez, our vision was to do more than create functional and stylish luggage for savvy travelers. We wanted our collection to feel empowering and to ensure that no matter where you are in the world, you are never alone. Whether you’re jet-setting near or far or carrying your essentials in our crossbody bag—our ancestors are always with us. 

“L’Union Fait La Force”—Unity is Strength!

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