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When you’re traveling, packing can be a huge source of stress. Finding the right travel bag that fits with your needs isn’t always easy, even if you know what you want to take with you. Depending on where you’re traveling in the world and how long your trip will be, you likely have different needs for what kind of travel bag you use. That’s where BVstylez comes in to help! With high-quality, durable travel bags that not only fit all your needs, but also make a statement, you can be sure that you’ll reap the benefits of choosing the best travel bag for your next trip. Here are our top four favorite benefits of the BVstylez travel bags:

Bags at airport

Carry-on vs Luggage

Make travel easier, less expensive, and less stressful with a carry on bag that keeps everything you need with you at all times. Our three sizes of carry-on bags are perfect for keeping your essentials on you and ensuring that your possessions are safe and secure at all times. With a carry-on that holds everything you need for your trip, you have less to worry about as far as waiting to collect your luggage, you never have to worry about your luggage getting lost, and you can save yourself any luggage check fees, too! 

Bag up close

Easy Access To Front Pockets

Getting through security can be a hassle at any airport, but when you’re traveling through one that doesn’t have global entry or TSA, rummaging through your luggage to find your laptop, your toiletries, and more can be overwhelming and a hassle. Instead, with the BVstyles travel bags, you have easy access to your front pockets and your possessions, making it a breeze to pull out laptops and more. With the easy access, you can also more easily put these items away once you’ve passed through security, making your navigation through the airport and to your destination a breeze. 

Two travel bags

Multiple Compartments

Keep all your shoes, makeup, clothing, and everything else organized and ready to go with the BVstylez bags, which have multiple compartments to ensure that everything is in its place. With your bag organized like a pro, you can also rest easy during bumpy flights or rides knowing that your fragile items and everything else is secure and protected, no more rattling around and breaking against one another!

Woman holding bag

Statement-Making Design

Traveling is more than a means of getting away from your daily life. It’s also an opportunity to learn new things from others around you, and help to teach them new things, too. Make a statement with the BVstylez travel bags, which are designed with inspiration taken from the Spirits of Great Haitian Liberators. These bags feature names of great Liberators in black history, and they are perfect for showing your pride in your heritage, in your people, and in black history while you travel. 

Learn more about the BVstylez bags by browsing our website, or read through our blog today to get more travel tips, packing tricks, and information about why your trip will be better with a BVstylez bag in your hand. Empower yourself while you travel smart with the BVstylez travel bag collection! 

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