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If you’re packing for travel, your top priority is probably just getting all your essentials in one place. You may not be considering the troubles of lugging around heavy luggage for hours in an airport. But worry not! We’ve got the best packing tips to help you deal with luggage on a trip! 

  1. Use unique travel luggage because they're easier to spot

If you’re using standard luggage in the same old colors, it can be hard to spot yours in a sea of them at baggage claim. So you must keep your luggage unique by picking an eye-catching design, marking it uniquely, or even tagging it with your name. If you're looking for uniquely stylish luggage with a message, check out BVstylez’s collection. It's inspired by Revolutionary leaders to make you standout. 

  1. Get lighter bags 

We’re too used to the traditional idea of luggage being a bulky thing that you have to deal with. Today, you can find multiple lighter options that encourage you to pack essentials and avoid the clutter of unnecessary items. When you pack with a lighter bag, you reduce the cost of extra luggage and the strain of carrying and fitting something heavy in a car. Our Liberator Carry on luggage is a convenient, lightweight travel solution with wheels that you can easily carry with you. 

  1. Consider a better carry-on bag

When packing for travel, we often only consider our main luggage that can hold our essentials. It is easy to overlook picking a good carry-on solution, even though you’ll have to deal with it for most of your travel. It can be frustrating to deal with a bulky, cluttered purse or backpack. But we’ve got you covered with a convenient solution that does not compromise on the style with our Liberator Cross Body Sling. It’s spacious enough to hold your flight essentials, and the anti-theft lock ensures your valuables stay safe.  

  1. Keep your documents handy but safe

It can be hard to juggle your carry-on, main luggage, and phone with essential documents like your passport or boarding pass. Instead of trying to hold everything in your hands and risking losing them, you should get a convenient packing solution. Our Weekender Bag is a great option because it’s got multiple handy pockets that allow for handy storage. 

With these tips, you should be able to travel more comfortably. If you’d like to travel in style, take a look at our collection of functional, aesthetically pleasing travel bags with a piece of Haitian history. 

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