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Celebrate Black Pride Everywhere You Go!

BVstylez is so much more than bags and luggage, it’s an expression of Black and Haitian pride! Our timeless collection is adorned with the names of trailblazing liberators. No matter where the day takes you or where you are in the world, your ancestors are always with you. Here’s a little bit about our history and our mission.

Our Founders Started with Belle Vue Tours

Husband and wife team Hogarth and Guerline, originally from Haiti, take great pride in their history, heritage, and culture and return to visit Haiti often. This is in addition to their general love of global travel. 

With a desire to introduce their rich culture to the world, and welcome others home, they founded Belle Vue Tours. These immersive historical, cultural and adventure group tour experiences highlight the best of their home country. Seeing the need for premium luggage, Guerline launched BVstylez

Haitian History

In 1804, we were the first country in the Americas to abolish slavery. Gaining independence from France was achieved by a successful slave revolt, inspiring the global anti-slave movement. This is why many refer to Haiti as the first Black Republic. 

Our culture is a fusion of African, French, Spanish, English, and indigenous Taíno. This is evident throughout our timeless monuments, art, music, dance, cuisine, folklore, and even our unique take on gingerbread houses. 

We are a resilient country and people, with a growing tourism industry.  

Our Liberators

“I come as 1, I stand as 10,000.” Maya Angelou...

While Miss Maya is not Haitian by birth she is one of the connecting arms of our ancestors legacy, she is a global liberator—and her sentiment is aligned with BVstylez mission!

With our luggage, you can celebrate Black pride and reconnect with your roots each time you wear our crossbody bag and every time you travel with our weekender or carry-on

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