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Ever heard life is a Journey? As I get older I've come to realize how true this is.
Hogarth and I were bless to add to our family and always wanted to make sure the boys have a strong connection to the mother land. We have been taking our family vacation for the past 20 years to Haiti to build this foundation.


Through this experience, it led us to create our historical, cultural and adventure tour company, Belle Vue Tours. For the past 13+ years, we have been organizing group tours and have taken hundreds who wanted to reconnect but were hesitant into venturing Haiti on their own.

From our tour company, we created THE LIBERATORS brand, under BVstylez, starting with 10 women in our great history because their name and stories needed to be told. 

My love of history and Haiti, led me to the Haitian Genealogy Facebook Group. This past year with the help of my sister FEmmanuel we discovered our own Liberator!

It is with great pride we introduce to you the Emmanuel Boys 3rd Great-Grandmother, "Martoune George, Captain of the Grenadiers of the First Battalion to the Ninth Infantry Regiment."

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