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Dear Ms. Emmanuel and staff,

I wanted to send you a personal note to say thank you!!!!! I know this COVID impact has affected all businesses, but as an entrepreneurial business with a special niche I know that being able to decide to not cancel our orders and cut your losses was a big decision and I greatly appreciated your dedication to your business model. I would like to share with you what this bag means to me.

This bag was brought as my Christmas gift, lucky charm, and as a reminder that I come from a culture of firsts. When I saw your Instagram ad, I was working on my dissertation on Haitian artists and their processes, and said to myself that purchasing this bag was speaking forward me living my passion.  So with Corona changing our expectation of life, I still held out that my bag was going to arrive hook or by crook. Now it is finally here!!!
This bag is going to be part of my Graduation photo shoot as the first doctoral graduate for the state of Louisiana and LSU’s College of Art+Design with a Doctor of Design in Cultural Preservation, and moving forward I have been awarded a CLIR/Mellon Fellowship to be the first digital curator of the largest public collection of Haitian art in the world at the Waterloo Center for the Arts. Now I have my dream job, and as I plan my next life of travel researching and promoting Haitian artists,  you provided my statement of greatness!!! A reminder that my ancestors are always with me!

With “Honor and Respect”... thank you again,
Dr. Petrouchka Moise
BVstylez Congratulates Dr. Moise, The 1st Doctoral Graduate for the State of Louisiana and LSU's College of Art+Design
with a Doctor of Design in Cultural Preservation
Make sure to visit Dr. Moise Work: Vivre Studio
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